The Risk Factors and Prevention of Liver Cancer

The Risk Factors and Prevention of Liver Cancer


Liver cancer is one of the most critical cancers affecting millions of lives worldwide. Chronic infections and exposure to toxic chemicals are some of its major causes. However, it may be treated by acquiring the best cancer treatment in Siliguri. You can also consult with an oncology expert who with proper diagnosis and care will ensure to provide you with the best treatment for liver cancer.

Liver cancer includes faster spreading of the malignant cells which thereafter affects the functioning of the liver. There are various risk factors associated with liver cancer which if identified and controlled can help to prevent the cancer. In this blog, we will explain the major risk factors that can lead to liver cancer followed by various ways to prevent it in the future.

Risk Factors of Liver Cancer

There are many factors that can increase the risk of liver cancer which may include age, genetics, environment and the way of lifestyle. Apart from this chronic health diseases such as hepatitis and viral infections can also lead to major factors of Liver Cancer. Following are some of the common risk factors.


Cirrhosis is a type of permanent scarring of the liver that causes severe damage and affects the functioning of the liver. In this condition, the healthy tissue of the liver is replaced with infected tissues which results in liver cancer.


Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C is considered to be the major risk factor for liver cancer. This includes exposure to the hepatitis virus which promotes the development of the scar tissues within the liver which if left untreated can lead to liver cancer. You can also consult with some of the best cancer specialists in Siliguri who can help you treat your hepatitis with vaccination and immunization.


Smoking cigarettes and tobacco is one of the most common risk factors for liver cancer. Tobacco and cigarettes include harmful chemicals such as tar, nitrosamine, hydrocarbons and carcinogens which are associated with rapid spread to malignant tissues in the liver.

Alcohol Consumption

Higher intake of alcohol has been associated with a major cause of liver cancer. Consumption of alcohol for a longer time can cause scarring and inflammation in the tissues of the liver which over time can increase the risk of liver cancer.


Obesity or unhealthy weight is also one of the major risk factors for liver cancer. Being overweight in most cases tends to create fat tissues all over the liver which affects the functionality of the liver and increases the risk of insulin resistance. This if left untreated over time may result in the development of cancer tissues in the liver

Exposure to toxic chemicals

Exposure to toxic chemicals such as vinyl chloride and plutonium can increase the risk of developing angiosarcoma and hepatocellular carcinoma which in longer time may cause scars in the tissues leading to liver cancer.

Type-2 diabetes

People suffering from Type-2 diabetes have a higher risk of having insulin resistance, obesity and hepatitis which can directly affect the functioning of the liver resulting in cancer.

Anabolic steroids

These are the types of artificial Testerone mostly consumed by males to increase the strength and mass of the body. However, excess use of these steroids may affect the functioning of the liver which ultimately leads to liver cancer.


Prevention of Liver Cancer

Although liver cancer is one of the rarest forms of cancer it can be prevented by following a few prevention tips. There are various risk factors leading to it knowing which can help to prevent the cancer in a better way. Following are some of the common preventive measures that can be considered to avoid liver cancer.


Hepatitis B Vaccine (HBV) and Hepatitis C Vaccine (HCV) are the two major forms of vaccination that can help prevent from getting infected with hepatitis virus.


There are various forms of screening tests that are conducted to evaluate the spread of HBV and HCV. People with age 18 and above are needed to undergo this test to reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy foods such as lean protein, and low-fat and fibre-rich foods is known to be beneficial for maintaining a healthy liver. You may also contact with best cancer doctor in Siliguri who can guide you with better nutritional guidance that can help you prevent liver cancer.

Limiting alcohol

Limiting the consumption of alcohol along with avoiding smoking tobacco can help to prevent scarring of the liver tissues which can be beneficial for better liver health.


Exercising on a regular basis may help to manage a healthy weight along with reducing the fat percentage in your liver which can help you prevent the risk of liver cancer.

Although there are various doctors who can help you provide the best liver cancer treatment in Siliguri, it is advised to take proper care of your liver to prevent any form of health issues.

In most cases, cancer may be the cause of chronic medical conditions which need to be checked by medical professionals. Some of them can be prevented by making changes in lifestyle and dietary factors which can reduce the risk of cancer while ensuring a better quality of life.

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