Don’t Ignore Migraine Headache, They May Cause Brain Tumor

Don’t Ignore Migraine Headache, They May Cause Brain Tumor


Headache seems to be a very common issue for Indians and most of the time they ignore such conditions by taking medicines or other remedies. But headaches can be more dangerous by not zooming into the matter constantly. If the pain is unbearable and excruciating then it might be migraine attack which needs proper treatment and suggestion from health expert. Migraine is usually a chronic pain and need to be treated by an experienced neuro oncology specialist.Migraines are different from sinus and most of the time misunderstood with other common types of headaches. Neuro Oncology Siliguri works over the symptoms and identify the headache more genuinely. The specialists make the treatment effective enough by going through the triggers. It is better to visit the specialist when you are suffering from severe headache and migraine attack because negligence from your part may lead to a brain tumor.

In the beginning, it becomes important to know the triggers so that you can justify the treatment procedures instead of looking for any other option. The neurological treatment and visiting the center will give you a better option to stay safe and protected from the dangerous consequences.

Triggers of a Migraine

The triggers should be identified in the early stages where the person get a better idea about the treatment and the reactions. Commonly the migraine attack starts with an allergic reaction due to any strong smell or food. The allergy can be caused due to dirt and dust in the air. The person should cover the nose and mouth while going outside or cleaning the room. Sometimes the attack can be triggered by the noises or jarring music where the person need a silent place to take rest which reduces the pain and other reactions.

Moreover, some other triggers like dehydration, lack of sleep, and excessive consumption of alcohol are considered very seriously due to the changes in the temperature and improper brain function. Even females can go through many other issues like mood swing during the menstrual cycle where they should control the attack by consulting with the specialist. Neuro Oncology Siliguri focuses on all such factors that bring complication in the process and suggest effective medication or hormone replacement therapy.

So, if you are feeling sick and dull with the tendency of severe headache, vomiting and nausea then you should consult with the specialist to get better treatment over migraine along with the chance to prevent other consequences.

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