Uro Oncology – A Road Map To Medical Success

Uro Oncology – A Road Map To Medical Success


The medical science when through a long and impressing journey by the frequent developments in the field of treatments and Uro Oncology is one of them that deal with diagnosing and treating the cancers of the male and female urinary tract and especially focuses towards the male reproductive organs. This advanced treatment procedure is improving with the introduction of special technology and focuses towards the organs like bladder, kidneys, prostate, penis and testicles. Urological problem and cancers are becoming relatively common in recent time and counted among the most common types of cancer in Indian men. Uro oncology in Siliguri helps patients to overcome the issues and serious consequences of the disease. Surgery is the prime treatment in the process of the treatment though the type of surgery depends on the stage and type of cancer.

These days a variety of tools and technologies are designed to make the treatment more effective and successful by avoiding the side effects and issues regarding sexual function. The oncologist will diagnose the matter and include some of the advanced treatment procedures including chemotherapy, radiations, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. This treatment was first introduced in the year 1970 and get developed over the years with many innovations and latest discoveries. In the year 1991, the Urological Society of India was initiated and slowly the interest in urology is developed across the globe. Right now Siliguri offers excellent urological treatments and imparts desired expertise.

The Evolution and Development

During early days, cystoscopes are used in the treatment process which is operated through battery along with resectoscopes. Both the technicalities are become popular by improving the diagnosis and therapeutic ability in treating bladder cancer. The other diagnosis like upper urinary tract is carried out with the routine retrograde pyelography and guidance taken from the vascular surgeon. The frequent development in urology will bring many changes in the treatment procedure where imagining techniques are introduced and make the early diagnosis possible with lots of planning and improvement in the therapy. Ultrasonography is introduced in the early ’80s and makes a significant change in the treatment process to check out the issues visually. Even the evolution of machines like Doppler will make the process more smooth and useful for detecting issues like tumours and prostatic lesions in the early stage.

The frequent updates and development in the Uro Oncology in Siliguri make the treatment more effective. Da Vinci Robotic Surgery, laparoscopy, and robotic prostatectomy surgery are some of the latest development in the process of treating cancer.

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