Managing Cancer Pain For Better Quality of Life

Managing Cancer Pain For Better Quality of Life


With the emerging and evolving medications and guaranteed treatments for all cancers in the present day, people seldom focus on pain experienced by the patients. As a consequence of high-dose medications or the whole condition itself, pain management is a totally different chapter in the book of cancer that needs to be stressed upon. According to the best cancer hospital in Siliguri, when we hear pain, we usually think about physical effects whereas it covers the mental and emotional aspects too.

If you are suffering from pain as a result during or after your treatment process, you must address with equal importance. Just like the way an early consultation of the cancers can lead to better chances of recovery similarly, the pain also follows the same rule. Unmanaged pain can lead to different complications altogether. You must not hesitate to talk to the concerned doctor for an improved quality of life.

Table of contents:

  •     Causes of cancer pain & the signs that you need to look for
  •     These pain management techniques can improve the quality of life

Causes of cancer pain & the signs that you need to look for

If we ponder on the reasons that are causing the pain, then the explanations are quite clear and precise. There are many obvious reasons for almost every patient to experience pains of all kinds during and sometimes after treatment.

  •     The pain you are experiencing might be due to the condition and its effects on your body itself.
  •     The cancer could be growing or damaging a nearby tissue.
  •     The tumours have a tendency to press on the nerves, bones or organs while growing and in the process release chemicals that cause subjective pain to the parts.
  •     Sometimes, the high-dose treatment therapies like surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can also pose pain to the body
  •     The emotional quotient of the lifestyle and sometimes lack of will can inculcate a depression and thus mental pain persists.

However, you must be in touch with experts from cancer hospital in Siliguri about your pain management but there are certain signs of pain that you need earliest help.

  •     Pain that comes back before your next dose of pain medicine is due
  •     Trouble sleeping
  •     Lack of interest in things you used to enjoy
  •     New areas of pain or a change in your pain
  •     Less ability to move around or do things

These pain management techniques can improve the quality of life

Things that you as a patient can do

  •     The doctors are there for you in all ways. Be transparent and speak about every little detail of pain or signs you are experiencing. Do not wait for the pain to get severe.
  •     Analyse the kind of pain every time so that you know when is it different.
  •     Do not skip medicines without doctor’s advice.
  •     Indulge in light physical activities in case of minor pain.
  •     Talk to the doctor in case of any side effects by medication.
  •     Eat good food and surround yourself with positive vibes.
  •     Make sure you stuff your medicines for a few days.

Things you can do for loved ones suffering from cancer

  •     Watch the patient for signs of pain.
  •     Give them gentle and soothing massages.
  •     Help the patient walk until you know they can do it alone safely.
  •     Suggest enjoyable activities to keep them distracted.
  •     Plan activities when they are comfortable.
  •     Help them schedule their diet plan with enough liquids and fibres.
  •     Remind them of medications.
  •     Talk with the cancer team so that you understand which medicines are for pain and how each is to be used.
  •     Ask them if they need a stock of their medicines.

When you are caring for someone with pain, plan time for activities you enjoy and take care of yourself. A support group for family members may be helpful. Stay in touch with the best cancer hospital in Siliguri.

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