A Brief About Radiation Therapy For Cancer

A Brief About Radiation Therapy For Cancer


Just like other cancer treatments, radiation therapy or radiotherapy is also a powerful cancer treatment where a strong energy beam is used to kill cancer cells. X-ray and proton beam therapy are included in this process. Modern medical science introduces some innovative ways.

Their beams are only used to kill cancer-affected cells and healthy tissues are saved with the assistance of more strong energy. Regarding this treatment, an oncologist in Siliguri will refer you if it’s necessary for you. Among all other types proton beam therapy is a common one.

Radiation Therapy:  Types

Focussing on the annihilation of the DNA of cancer cells the two major types of radiation therapy exist. These are :

  • External beam radiation therapy
  • Internal beam radiation therapy

Radiation Therapy: Causes

Radiation therapy is used for all types of cancer. Almost all cancer patients are received radiation therapy as a part of their treatment. Not only cancer patients' noncancerous benign tumors are also removed by radiation therapy.

Radiation Therapy: Preparation

For internal beam radiation therapy, you need to consult a radio oncologist before. The doctor will examine you manually and do some lab tests. He or she learns you the radiation process and how you can prepare yourself on that day.

For external beam radiation therapy, you will have a prior appointment with the health care professional for treatment planning. This treatment planning is called simulation. The process simulation.

Radiation Therapy: Treatment

Internal beam radiation therapy is arranged in an outpatient room, where a catheter is placed into your body. As you are anesthetic at that time you cannot feel discomfort during that particular period.

The medication of radiation therapy is passed through your body via IV fluid.  During external beam radiation therapy, you are lying on a table placed according to the simulation.

During the treatment process, your healthcare professional is with you always. A machine is placed onto your body and focuses on the tumor zone that is controlled by a radiologist. Moreover, this is completely a painless treatment.

Radiation Therapy: Result

After completion of the treatment, your tumor is tested to determine whether it is shrinking or not. In some cases, the treatment is working instantly. But sometimes it takes a week or afterward to get a positive result. Discuss with your cancer specialist more about the treatment.

Radiation Therapy: Risk

Although radiation therapy is a dependable and efficacious therapy, it has some side effects too. These side effects include:

  • Weakness
  • Nausea
  • Skin Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Hai loss
  • Mouth infection
  • Pain during engulfing food
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inflammation in the throat and chest
  • Intestinal cramp

Radiation therapy is an effective cancer treatment by which only cancer cells are killed to save lively tissues. Talk to your oncologist in Siliguri before taking treatment about what kind of side effects may appear after treatment and possible healing methods too.

Additionally, this treatment is a part of palliative care as it reduces the symptoms and also be used in a combination with other treatments for the betterment of cancer patients.

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