5 Tips That Prevent Cancer

5 Tips That Prevent Cancer


Cancer is one of the most severe diseases that can lead to death. Knowing that you have cancer is scary and worrying. You then want to know how to cure this disease completely. While healthy cells become cancerous, they increase in multiple numbers and transform into cancerous cells.

Researchers now found the common causes linked with cancer, and thus preventive methods have also been invented. However, with the right assistance from preventive oncology in Siliguri, you can get a cure for cancer. Remember, the earlier the doctor can detect the quickly you get cured.

Below are the five most helpful tips that can help you prevent cancer:

Quit Tobacco

Tobacco means smoking actively or passively, chewing tobacco- all are harmful to your health. Active smoking is directly related to lung, mouth, bladder, throat, voice box, pancreas, cervix, and kidney cancer. Simultaneously, passive smoking is linked with lung cancer.

Chewing tobacco can harm your mouth, pancreas, and throat. Leave tobacco completely for yourself and your near ones too. Ask your physician to suggest an anti-tobacco product that should be helpful for you.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet cannot prevent cancer, however, it can boost your immunity and you may be free from cancer. Depend on your diet on fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, and whole grains. Plant proteins are healthy for your cancer-preventive diet. Avoid refined sugar and animal fat. Stress on a leaner diet instead of heavy ones so that add high calorie based food in your daily routine.

Limit Alcohol

Excessive alcohol can increase the risk of cancer. It can induce the opportunity of breast, colon, liver, and kidney cancer. Drink alcohol moderately unless excessive consumption will push you to the risk of having cancer.

Physical Activity

A healthy weight pays for your health. Proper weight can reduce the risk of some types of cancer such as breast, prostate, lung, kidney, and colon cancer. While we are talking about healthy weight physical activity acquires its place.

Physical activity can decrease the risk of breast and colon cancer. Practice 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activities for your health support. The more you invest in your health the more you become fit and healthy.

Use Sun Protection

Skin cancer is one of the common cancer types which is preventable if you follow your doctor’s guidance. Avoid midday sun especially from 12 pm to 4 pm directly if possible. Use sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat if you have to go out during midday. Always use bleached cotton pastels or include extensively covered dresses in the daytime to avoid sun rays.

Don’t forget to use sunscreen during daytime. Even on cloudy days, sun cream accompanies you truly. Maintain two hours duration during the daytime while using Sunscream. Use sun cream even after swimming or with excessive perspiration.

If you notice any lump or swelling in your body make sure to contact your doctor immediately to understand whether is there any chances of cancer or not. You can also visit the preventive oncology in Siliguri and consult a renowned oncologist there.

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