When Should You Go For Chemotherapy?

When Should You Go For Chemotherapy?


Chemotherapy is a medication process to demise the flourishing cells in your body. The therapy is generally used to treat cancer patients as cancer cells proliferate early. There are different types of medications available for chemotherapy.

Sometimes medication is used solitarily in this treatment, however, in the maximum time, it is used in combination with other medications. You need to consult your doctor for chemotherapy in Siliguri. They can guide you properly when you should go for chemotherapy.

Below are some situations regarding chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy is used as a solitary treatment path to restore cancer. While other ways are impossible to work out doctors go through this way.

Adjuvant Therapy

Generally, surgery is another way to pull out a tumor from your body. However, if any cancer cell is concealed in the body consultants are using chemotherapy to destroy it. The process of treatment is called adjuvant therapy.

Neo-adjuvant Therapy

After having tests doctors realized that the tumor is unmanageable. Before operating, they want to lessen the tumor by using chemotherapy so that the operation will be less complicated. The process is named neo-adjuvant therapy.

Palliative Therapy

To relieve a patient from the pain symptoms consultants are sometimes using this process. In this way, some cancer cells are destroyed. This is called palliative therapy.

Upset Immunity

A mild portion of chemotherapy helps to cure lupus and rheumatoid arthritis diseases. A hyperactive immune system can be controlled by mild chemo treatment.

Disordered Bone Marrow

Bone marrow and blood cell ailments are treated by removing the bone marrow process. The way of treatment is called stem cell transplant treatment. For this treatment, chemotherapy is used.

Preparation For Chemotherapy

The preparation before chemotherapy is depending on the medicine which is given to you. Hence here are some common preparation methods:

  • Whether it is your choice to take the medicine through a vein your oncologist can advise you on an instrument for this purpose. He can suggest you a catheter or pump for the intravenous process. Through this tool, medicine is supplied.
  • Before starting chemotherapy do some important health check-ups viz blood tests, heart-oriented tests, etc. If all the reports are not perfect a consult can stop the treatment then or use some mild dose of chemotherapy medicine for that patient.
  • During chemotherapy, you can do some tests. The reports will tell you how the medicine is responding in your body or whether your body is accepting the medicine.

For these reasons, you must go for the best chemotherapy in Siliguri. There is some side effects are also available. The chance of recovering from cancer chemotherapy is the sole treatment.

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