When Does Cancer Typically Begin to Form?

When Does Cancer Typically Begin to Form?


Cancer is basically referred to as the rapid growth of abnormal cells in the body that with time can destroy healthy tissues and organs of the body leading to death. Fortunately, with advancements in the medical field, there are various treatments to cure cancer. You may also seek help from some of the best Siliguri cancer hospitals that can help you cure your cancer with the most effective treatments and compassionate care.

Cancer mostly occurs within the body due to changes in the health condition or injury that results in the division of cells at an uncontrollable pace affecting other parts of the body. However, there are various factors that can lead to the major cause of cancer in the body this might include severe diseases to injuries. In this blog, we will understand how cancer starts along with factors that can lead to it.

How Cancer Starts

Our body is formed out of millions of cells that contain DNA which works on a particular pattern to keep us healthy. But with some kinds of diseases and injuries, these DNA tend to get damaged causing gene mutation in the body. These mutated DNA and cells do not align with other healthy cells which affects their functionality. This causes a series of uncontrollable growth in the affected area which leads to the formation of malignant cells causing cancer. Some people give birth with mutated genes in their body which get mature with an increase in age causing the risk of cancer in the future.

You may also make an appointment with a reputed cancer doctor in Siliguri who with the help of various tests and assessments will determine whether you have the risk of having cancer or not. Cancer mostly occurs in the form of tumors or inflammation in the body which tend to spread with time. With proper treatment and care your doctor can help to get rid of these tumour cells preventing from risk of having cancer in the future.

Causes of Gene Mutations

A gene mutation is one of the major causes of cancer that can cause defects in the functionality of the DNA leading to cancer in the body. While some patients might have these gene mutations, in some this mutation may occur after birth due to various forces.

Gene mutations by birth

Most of the people who have gene mutations by birth are caused due to inherit from the family or parents. Having a family history of suffering from cancer can also lead to the risk of having gene mutations. Individuals with mutated genes account for a very low percentage of cancer cases which are mostly curable.

Gene mutations after birth

Majority of the cancer patients have mutated genes that have occurred after birth that are not related to family history. These can be the result of various factors such as poor lifestyle, chronic inflammation, infections, exposure to toxic chemicals and many more.

Other Risk Factors of Cancer

The main cause of cancer is considered to be cell mutation, which causes changes in the DNA leading to abnormal growth. However, there are other risk factors which can result in the formation of malignant cells within the body. These may include lifestyle patterns, eating habits, family history and many more. Following are some of the major risk factors that can lead to the formation of cancer.


Cancer being one of the most dangerous diseases develops over a long period of time. Due to this reason, the majority of the people diagnosed with cancer belong to the age group above 50 years old. While in some cases cancer does seem to occur in infants and children.


Lifestyle factors may also considered as one of the major risk factors of cancer. It has been seen that people who are into smoking tobacco, excess alcohol consumption and excess sunburn have a higher chance of getting cancer. People with obesity tend to have lower immune systems which make it harder to fight against cancer.

Family History

Having a family history of cancer patients and gene mutations also leads to the risk of having cancer. These mutations are passed on to generations through parents or family siblings. You may consult with some of the best cancer doctors in Siliguri who might conduct genetic testing to determine whether you have inherited mutated genes.


Environment also acts as a major risk factor which can lead to the development of malignant cells within the body. Exposure to toxic chemicals such as asbestos and benzene has higher chances of getting cancer. Although smoking is the major cause of cancer, passive smoke is also associated with the spread of cancer in the body.


Injuries that occur from surgeries or accidents can also lead to infections and inflammations which can lead to abnormal growth of malignant cells within the affected area. Therefore it is necessary to consult with your doctor who can help you prevent the risk of infections with proper evaluation and treatments.

Although cancer is treated as a dangerous disease, it is curable. You may need to seek help from the best cancer surgeon in Siliguri who will help you to overcome your cancer with proper treatment and care. Everyone is at risk of having cancer, however, bringing changes in lifestyle and regular consultation with the doctor can help to prevent it.

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