Types of Cancers That Every Women Should Know Before It Gets Late

Types of Cancers That Every Women Should Know Before It Gets Late


Cancer  – An evil to mankind

Types of Cancers That Every Women Should Know before it gets late. we all know Cancer is the top and most dangerous disease that humanity has ever faced. It results in death if not diagnosed and treated. Cancer is one of those diseases that should be detected at an early stage; otherwise, the patient could face a worse situation. Nowadays, it is easier to diagnose cancer and treat the patient through lots of oncology centers in the city.

A persistent cough or pain in the stomach is not always due to the seasonal changes. You should visit your doctor for a regular check-up as it might also be a Cancer. Yes, it is sad but true that cancer is one of the leading reasons for death in the world. Especially, in those countries where the treatment requires a huge amount of money, people die of cancer. Especially women are mostly affected by cancer. Detecting early can be the key to treatment of any disease. Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh who is among the most known oncologist in Siliguri is here to provide you the information regarding the types of cancer that every woman should know about.

Types of Cancer that mostly affect Women

Some cancers that mostly occur in women are Breast, Cervical, Endometrial, Ovarian, Vulvar, and Vaginal cancer. You do not need to panic, as it is possible to prevent cancer if detected at an early stage.today

Breast Cancer- A Leading threat to women

The chance of breast cancer is high at older ages in women. Though, it can affect you at any age.  It is the most common types of cancers in women. Some women may have breast cancer because of some assertive factors. Knowing what can be done to breast cancer relives you of being panicked. It should be detected early when it has not spread; only then treatment is possible. Women over 40 years old should switch to mammograms every year and women over 55 years old should mammogram every 2 years. Still, every woman should be aware of the limitations, benefits, and harms associated with breast cancer screening. Those who have a family history of breast cancer or has a genetic tendency should meet with Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh who has Preventive Oncology Clinic in Siliguri.

Cervical Cancer- A Curse to the society

Cervical Cancer is caused by HPV which stands for Human Papilloma Viruses. It is in the second place for which women die. It is spread through sexual contacts. Smoking, using prevention pills in a large number, having many sex partners, having many children increase the risk of Cervical Cancer. The most common symptom of this cancer is persistent pain and bleeding from the vagina.

Endometrial Cancer- A Common Gynecologic Cancer

Another most common gynecologic cancer that women have is Endometrial Cancer. It is one types of cancers known as Uterine Cancer. When the estrogen level increases it leads to Endometrial Cancer. Risk factors that are associated with it are diabetes, the presence of estrogen without progesterone, hypertension, etc. Gradually the uterus and its surroundings change in size, structures, and consistency. Obesity is the most common risk that women have. Women who are heavy in weight have a higher level of estrogen and it develops the risk of Endometrial Cancer in them.

Ovarian cancer- No symptoms should be taken lightly

Ovarian Cancer is probably the leading cause of death from gynecologic cancer. It generally affects women over 50 years old. It occurs in women of any age. It causes more death than any other cancer of the women conceptive system. Ovarian cancer is very hard to detect as it does not have any gynecologic cancer symptoms. No adequate screening test is available for it. It can only be recognized when it is fully spread and this is the reason that most women with Ovarian Cancer die.

Vulvar Cancer-Rare yet dangerous

A growth in the female genitalia, especially when it is abnormal, is called Vulvar Cancer. It is a rare species of cancer. It generally occurs in elder women. Vulvar Cancer is one of those diseases that can be cured if it is detected at an early stage. Although the treatment process harm the sexual function of the woman. It affects rectal function, bladder and body image. Painful sexual intercourse, painful urination, rawness, sensitivity, and bleeding are some of the symptoms of Vulvar Cancer.

Vaginal Cancer-Rarest form of cancer

Yes, you read it right. Vaginal cancer is among the rarest forms of cancer and it appears only in women who are older than 60 years old. It occurs in the muscular tube which joints uterus with outer genitals. Bleeding after intercourse, painful or frequent urination, constipation and a lump in the vagina are some of the gynecologic Cancers Signs that Vaginal Cancer has. Early vaccination of women and young girls who are sexually inactive can also prevent the disease in time.

Cancer is known as the disease of death and we all know it. So, if ever you have any cancer-related symptoms in your body or in someone else, do visit an oncology clinic. Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh has one gynecologic oncology in Siliguri. Do visit him on a regular basis and stay safe and healthy.

“Prevention is better than cure”.

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