The Role Of Radiation Therapy In Cancer

The Role Of Radiation Therapy In Cancer


Radiation therapy is among the essential means of cancer treatment which uses high-energy X-rays to destroy cancer cells. Usually, a radiation oncologist is assigned the task of radiation therapy to the patients. With the help of powerful X-rays, the therapy can cure different types of cancers. Know in detail below.

Common Goals Of Radiation Therapy

Generally, such therapies are given alone or as a part of other treatment plans. The cancer treatment in Siliguri with radiation therapy has some clear set goals. Know them from here.

  • As a primary treatment process to get rid of all the cancer and their future prevention.
  • Preparing for other treatments. Such as radiation therapy given before surgeries, shrinking large tumors, etc.
  • Sometimes radiation therapy is provided after other treatments to destroy remaining cancer cells.
  • To relieve the symptoms and signs of cancer.

Types Of Radiation Therapy

From a broader standpoint, there are two kinds of radiation therapies, but there are many other minor types as well.

External Beam Radiation Therapy

External beam therapy is a radiation type that is delivered with a machine outside the body. Most of these therapies are given every week. These different types of external beam therapies are 3D CRT, Intensity modulated radiation therapy, proton beam therapy, image-guided radiation therapy, SRT, etc.

Internal Radiation Therapy

The internal radiation therapy is also known as brachytherapy. The procedure is carried out when radioactive elements are situated in the cancer or its nearby tissues. Some of these radioactive implants are temporary while others are permanent.

Safety Measures for Radiation Therapy

Even though radiation therapy has been a common cancer treatment practice for over a century, doctors are particular about the therapy.

  • Pregnant women or minors are not recommended to visit radiation therapy patients for some time
  • Maintain a distance of 5-6 ft from the patient's bed
  • Visitors shouldn't stay more than half an hour in the patient's room
  • Patients are advised to drink fluids after internal radiation implantation
  • Avoiding sexual intercourse for the time being
  • Thoroughly cleansing hands after using toilets

Radiation therapy is one of the most effective paths taken by doctors for cancer treatment.  Other than these major radiation therapy types, cancer treatment in Siliguri is also done with radio-immunotherapy, system radiation therapy, radiosensitizers, and radioprotectors.

Depending on the patient's health condition, endurance, and overall situation, different radiation therapy types are suggested. These high-energy X-rays relieve the cancer signs in patients.

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