The Importance Of Communication In Palliative Care- An Effective Way To Cure Illness

The Importance Of Communication In Palliative Care- An Effective Way To Cure Illness


The importance of communication in Palliative care

Cancer is a hazardous disease and is the main reason for mortality in the whole world. But nowadays, with the advancement of technology and modern medication treatments, cancer can be cured at an early stage.

Cancer has 4 stages where it starts from not knowing to slowly spread it in the body. This is the time when the main treatment starts with various medicines, tests or other ways to cure it but among them, Palliative care is one huge part for the patient and the family members.

Palliative care is a specialized medical care given to the people dealing with the symptoms, stress or pain of the illness. This care is provided by a healthcare practitioner or a Palliative care specialist with special training and it gives them a chance to live a quality life. A good palliative care in Siliguri provides professional care to the patient dealing with life-limiting diseases.

Importance of palliative care

Palliative care is important for curing cancer. For someone who has cancer can decrease their fear of illness by treating the symptoms, managing emotional and social needs and can address their spiritual and practical concerns.

During the beginning of the process of palliative care with each patient’s health care team, the caregivers are responsible for day-to-day tasks starting from providing medications, transportations to helping with finances and consulting with the doctors. This gives a point that even the support of caregivers is important in palliative care.

Communication is a therapeutic tool in Palliative care:

In situations of serious illness, communication is one of the most important tools which the health care professionals use in giving the patient the information that they need to know before taking the situation in practice. This creates a sense of trust and security for both the patient and the family.

The family or the patient having a good communication with the doctor or practitioner can reduce their stress which they are experiencing daily. However, it is not very surprising to know that with direct access of information with the doctor about the patient’s health status will be able to have a better understand and can cooperate well in every way.

How the methods of Palliative care helps improve the fear of illness?

Whether a patient or the family members it is very difficult to face a serious illness. It might create a sense of tension and fear all the time. So, it is very necessary to provide a palliative care to the patient as well as the family members to eradicate their fear.

Here are a few ways that palliative care can help:

1-Relief from symptoms, pain, and stress:

Palliative cares professionals are experts in relieving the symptoms like pain, stress, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath of a patient. It changes the patient’s thinking towards life and gives strength and ability to tolerate medical treatments. It will also help in understanding complex medical information and in all help to cope up better.

2-Care coordination:

Palliative care teams are extremely good communicators and they put up a good communication between the patient and the family members and the doctors. These include goals for care, decision-making, and coordination of care.

3-Support for caregivers and families:

Nowadays, adults take care of older people by losing their jobs, stress and a serious decline in health. To remove this, palliative care is the best solution. The earlier caregivers of people with advanced cancer were introduced to palliative care and it was seen that the improvement was vast than the ones who started later.

With these methods, a patient can definitely get cured of the fear of serious illness and proved to one of the best cancer therapy in Siliguri.

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