Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer You Must Not Ignore


Cancer-the biggest threat to the world

Cancer occurs in any part of the body when a cell grows out of control. It gradually spreads in other parts of the body and leads to death if not diagnosed and treated. It is the leading reason for death in the world, especially in those countries where the treatment of this dangerous disease is not available.

Prostate Cancer in men

Prostate Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among men. The prostate is a gland in the male body which creates some of the fluid which is part of semen. In a mail body, the prostate is found under the bladder and in front of the rectum. The prostate changes its size gradually. Younger men usually have a prostate about the size of a walnut. Older men have a bigger prostate in size. When cells in the prostate gland grow uncontrollably, it is called Prostate Cancer.

Prostate cancer can be of various types, such as-

  • Adenocarcinomas
  • Sarcomas
  • Small Cell Carcinomas
  • Neuroendocrine tumors
  • Transitional cell carcinomas

Almost all types of prostate cancer are Adenocarcinomas and the other four are very rare.

What are the 5 warning signs of prostate cancer?

Every cancer can be cured if it detected at an early stage. Prostate Cancer has some specific warning signs which you must not ignore.

1-Urination difficulties

The early symptom of Prostate Cancer is the difficulty in the urination process. You may feel as if you need to rush but at the very next moment, it feels as if there is nothing left to come out. Another symptom that prostate cancer has is finishing. After finishing urinating, it fell like you still need to urinate. A prostate gland surrounds the Urethra and a small tumor disturbs the urination process.

2-Pain while urinating

A person having Prostate Cancer feels lots of pain while urinating. This is because of the tumor that surrounds the Urethra. Infection in the urinary tract is another symptom of Prostate Cancer. With urinary tract infection, a person will relate to the pain while urinating. This symptom must not be taken lightly and one who faces this should consult an Uro Oncology in Siliguri.

3-Inconsistent Urination

It is noticeable though it does not occur in large volume. People do not discuss it much but it should not be ignored as it might be a warning sign of Prostate Cancer. Waiting for a long time to urinate but not being able to attempt it, leads to drizzles on the floor. The doctor declares it as a symptom of overactive bladder or BPH. If you notice this symptom, then visit a medical oncology specialist in Siliguri.

4- Blood in the urine

When blood comes out with urine it is called Hematuria. It is a very rare symptom in men but if it occurs, it can be Prostate Cancer. A pinkish tint can be seen in the urine due to infection in the prostate or bladder. Kidney stones and BPH are also the reasons behind blood in the urine.

5- Erectile problems

Erectile is among the early warning signs of Prostate Cancer. But men usually find it difficult to consult with others.  Atherosclerosis is the reason behind erectile problems. Someone who is facing it does not need to panic as there are many centers of cancer treatment in Siliguri today. Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh who has one, is among the most known oncologists in Siliguri

If you face of these symptoms in you or in someone else do visit an oncologist. If your cancer is diagnosed at an early stage only then it is possible to save you. Cancer Radiation Therapy which is an effective way of cancer treatment must be taken.

What is the most common age to get prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer generally occurs in men who are older than 50 years. The risk of getting Prostate Cancer is high when you get older. Men who are under 50 years old have a lower risk of getting this cancer. Men between 65 years to 69 years old are to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Can you get prostate cancer in your 20s?

Yes, you can get prostate cancer in your 20s. Though the risk of prostate cancer to occur in male is after 50 years old but if you have any family history then you might get it. If you consume a lot of animal fat and dairy products then you are likely to have Prostate Cancer. Obesity is another reason that can cause Prostate Cancer even in the 20s. Consuming high doses of vitamin E and selenium increases the risk of getting prostate cancer at early ages.

How long can a person live with prostate cancer?

Patient with prostate cancer is given a 5 years TAT.  A study says that 90 out of 100 people are still alive for 5 years after being diagnosed. But generally, most of them live moiré than 5 years.

The patient with prostate cancer should join an in-person group or there are many online communities of survivors for cancer patients. Talking to people with similar disease reduces anxiety and relaxes the patient. Spending time with loved ones or friends also work as a relaxing dose to a Prostate Cancer patients. Keep the symptoms in mind and consult an oncologist doctor for diagnosis of the disease.

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