Physical Activity And Cancer Know About It Before It Gets Late

Physical Activity And Cancer Know About It Before It Gets Late


Methodical physical exercise dreadfully lessen the risk of developing cancer

Cancer, the leading reason for death among human beings has some risk factors which if diagnosed and treated well at the early stage can be prevented.

The risk factors that lead up to cancer are huge in numbers and some of them are uncontrollable (those which are related to the family history and genes).

How much is physical activity needed to decrease cancer risk?

Reports say that increased physical activity does as a protector of human beings. After much observation,

scientists have come up with a result that both occupational physical activity and leisure time a physical activity can prevent overall cancer risk.

It does not depend on the intensity, type, frequency, and duration of the workout. The process also includes confounding effect such as diet which helps in maintaining a good body weight.

Dietary habits and the risk of Cancer:

Physical activity is definitely the most powerful key to stay away from cancer but dietary habits (or food habits) are also associated with it.

While a good diet can give you a life free from the captivation of life-limiting diseases (like cancer), a bad diet or rather eating high saturated fat consisting food (like Red meat) leads up to gastrointestinal cancer.

The risk of cancers such as rectum, breast, kidney, colon, pancreas etc is high with the people who have obesity and overweight.

A good diet includes fruits and vegetables which help in lessening the risk of developing – stomach, mouth, ling, head, digestive tract, neck and esophagus cancers.

Given below is the list of dietary habits that should be followed for a healthy life:

  •     Consume more vegetables
  •     Eat plant foods like nuts, fruits, whole grains and beans
  •     Do not cook the plant foods too much
  •     Do not eat too much fried and packaged foods
  •     Drink at least 2 liters of water daily
  •     Choose olive oil to cook food and consume unsaturated fats such as nuts and avocados
  •     Reduce the limit of consuming saturated foods like red meat, cheese, ghee, butter, and eggs.
  •     Reduce the limit of consuming alcohol

How much exercise is enough to reduce the risk of cancer?

According to the guidelines of the national activity, a work out for 30 minutes a day for most days of the week would be sufficient to reduce the risk of developing cancer. Some of the below activities can be tried:

  •     Use cycle to go to your everyday destination
  •     Walk for a few minutes after dinner
  •     Go dancing
  •     Join a sports team
  •     Do sit-ups, push-ups whenever you get time
  •     Go to the gym

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