Improve Quality Of Life By Managing Symptoms And Pain

Improve Quality Of Life By Managing Symptoms And Pain


If you want to improve your quality of life with the management of symptoms and pain then you need palliative care. It is a medical care approach for the patients who are chronically and seriously ill. The focus of this medical approach is towards improving the quality of life. A very big team is involved in providing the palliative care in Siliguri. The likes of doctors, physician assistants, care managers and advanced practice clinicians have a big role in your palliative care. It is provided to you at different levels which involve symptoms management and discussions with the healthcare team.

Table of Contents:

    Two Parts of Palliative Care: Symptom Management and Goals of Care

  • What is related to symptom management
  • What are the goals of care?
  • Conclusion

Two Parts of Palliative Care: Symptom Management and Goals of Care

What is related to symptom management?

Symptom management is the first part of palliative care consult. In this part, the symptoms are assessed by the palliative care team. The commonly treated symptoms like shortness of breath, nausea, pain and anxiety are known. The main aim is to control these symptoms and improve your quality of life.

When your symptoms are known, the solution is applied as a follow-up. In this way, your quality of life gets improved as you start functioning better. The symptom management team for palliative care in Siliguri works together for the formation of a plan to make you feel better. For example, if you have a shortness of breath while walking then it is a symptom of heart disease. For this, the team makes the plan and advices you the step to control that symptom.

What are the goals of care?

The goals of care are the second part of the palliative care consult. This consult includes a discussion about your objectives of care. It is more like a communication session where the ultimate target of the care gets revealed. This consult is to make your palliative care team aware about your wants with personal life.

When your hopes and goals get revealed to the team, the medical plan will be arranged. As with palliative care in Siliguri, the goals of care are all about driving level of medical intervention for a disease. As the illness reaches a different stage, it can affect your body and your goals. Therefore, make sure to never miss on this part of the palliative care step. You will get a very supportive environment to make a discussion about the goals.

It will be much better to discuss the goals with a healthcare provider during the time of diagnosis. The palliative care in Siliguri has a special focus on these two major things. Improvement in the quality of life is imminent if the symptoms and pain are managed and goals are clarified.

Note: The palliative care team helps patients to get rid of chronic illness. When your disease or illness gets tackled away, a special door for a quality life opens up and welcomes your arrival.

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