Managing Pain in Advanced Illness

Managing Pain in Advanced Illness


Overcoming or managing pain during advanced illness is a very difficult phase for any patient. Pain is only just a physical barrier in their recovery but this severe condition also hampers their mentality too as the patient may also be surrounded with anxiety, depression, and other problems too. This is where a specialist in palliative care comes into the picture in order to provide the essential aid to patients who are struggling to manage the unbearable pain during the advanced illness. Doctors who practice palliative care in Siliguri always advise patients to quickly come forward and try their methods for reducing the pain. These doctors are highly experienced in this field have operated on thousands of patients so they know and understand the consequences of negligence even in the earlier phases. This is also mostly because they do not wish that any other patient faces the same fate again.

This article provides all the various ways by which you can manage pain in an advanced illness situation and also provides a short description of the best specialist in palliative care in Siliguri.

Table of Content:

  •     How pain is managed through palliative care?
  •     Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh
  •     Conclusion

How pain is managed through palliative care?

There are 3 major principles that are widely used in palliative care.

  •  He doctors believe that the pain should be treated in the right way so that it does get worse with time.
  •  You should be taking all the medicines in the correct proportion. But however, a patient lurks in a constant fear that they might get addicted but proper and strict monitoring may not cause an issue. But if things  go beyond control then you should immediately go for help.
  • Most of the doctor follows WHO’s step care procedure for controlling pain measures.

A specialist uses different types of medicines in order to lessen the effects of pain. These are also known as adjuvant analgesics. Some of the different medicines they use are-

  •     Steroids
  •     Antidepressants
  •     Anticonvulsants
  •     Local anesthetics
  •     Muscle relaxants
  •     Bisphosphonates

Even the mode of providing these medicines also changes according to the patient’s preference and also with respect to the degree of pain that they might be suffering. These include-

Even if the intake of these medicines through the above-mentioned methods does not provide any significant improvement over the pain then surgery might only be the final option in order to reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh

He is a widely renowned specialist for palliative care in Siliguri and has years of experience in this field. His expertise has helped many of his patients to get relieved from their different medical pain and sufferings and now are enjoying a restored life.


Palliative care is highly suggested if the patient is suffering from unmanageable pain.

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