Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Palliative Care

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Palliative Care


Palliative Care targets the quality of life for the patient & the family

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is functional medical care for the patient with a life-limiting illness with the focus and determination on relief from the stress and symptoms related to the disease such as Cancer. Palliative Care cures the person as a whole, & not just the disease. They prevent and treat the side effects of the disease along with social, psychological and spiritual problems.

Who provides Palliative Care?

A health care practitioner or a Palliative Care specialist with special training and certificate in Palliative Care is able to provide Palliative Care to a patient. Cancer may face some additional issues along with physical issues and those are emotional, social, and spiritual issues. Palliative care specialist provides comprehensive care to the patient and to the family as well.

Palliative Care is sometimes an integrative team of doctors, certified dieticians, nurses, chaplain, social workers, and psychologists. Get in touch with a Palliative Care in Siliguri that works along with the oncology care team and makes sure the best possible quality of life for you.

What happens in Palliative Care?

A Palliative Care marks the special needs of the patient as the effects and treatment of cancer differs from every individual. Below is the list of which a Palliative Care takes care of:


A cancer patient generally has physical symptoms such as fatigue, pain, nausea, appetizing problems, insomnia, vomiting and shortness of brain. Palliative Care works in conjunction with the oncology team in order to give relief to the patient from the physical troubles that s/he may face.

2- Emotional:

A cancer hospital in Siliguri who has Palliative Care option must be consulted as they provide assets to the patient as well as the family so that they can cope with the sentiments that are associated to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Despondency, fear, and apprehension are some of them which are addressed by Palliative Care.


A cancer patient and the family often struggle to understand the reason behind the occurrence of cancer to them. Some of them find themselves coming close to their spiritual beliefs. Here comes the role of a Palliative Care specialist who helps people in exploring their beliefs to find a state of peace and appropriate acceptance.


A specialized Palliative Care also helps in legal and financial quest of the patient and the family. They discuss the goal of the care along with simplified communication with caregivers, family members, and the oncology team.


It is generally quite hard to take care of the person with cancer as family members might have other responsibilities to handle. They are also uncertain about the medical, social and emotional support which must be given to the patient. Hence, consulting an institution of Cancer treatment in Siliguri is important as they help you with the support you need.

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