Get The Best Cancer Treatment in Siliguri

Get The Best Cancer Treatment in Siliguri


Cancer is a disease that refers to the development of abnormal cells, splitting uncontrollably, possessing the ability to penetrate and damage normal cells in our body. Cancer has become a common disease in recent years, triggering people’s concern in this regard. It’s normal to get nonplussed and worried but we must remember there is appropriate treatment available to us. The proper treatment will be given to you based on what type of cancer you have and also as per the stage of cancer you are at. One needs not get worried if he or she is diagnosed with cancer. Losing hope is normal but is not the way to battle cancer. There have been a lot of positive updates regarding immunotherapy and is found effective in battling lung cancer.

If there is anything that makes you think you may have lung cancer then an immediate visit to the Oncologist is mandatory. A cancer specialist can guide about what adequate actions should be taken immediately. Your doctor is then going to prescribe you some tests to get done to determine the expansion of cancer.

These tests may include:

  •     Imaging Tests
  •     Sputum Cytology
  •     Tissue Sample

Some of the symptoms of Lung Cancer

At the early stage of lung cancer may not show symptoms or sometimes when the first signs come out may include:

  •     Constant Cough
  •     Chest Pain
  •     Dysphonia
  •     Breathing Issues
  •     Fatigue
  •     Respiratory complications

Clinical trials are going on regarding immunotherapy drugs; before and after surgery for the patients dealing with the early stage of lung cancer, including the patients who have already received chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer

Immunotherapy is one type of cancer battling treatment that uses your immune system to fight cancer, also aids in fighting other body infections and diseases. This treatment comes up with promising results for lung cancer patients. Immunotherapy is the latest approach that strengthens the power of our immune system to track and control the disease. Lung cancer has become a common type of cancer, affecting about 2.1 million people worldwide. Data show patients with immunotherapy only or along with other treatments have significantly overcome lung cancer. Also, immunotherapy has succeeded in battling 15 different types of cancers including kidney cancer, bladder cancer, neck cancer.


Many people are recovering from cancer and results are promising. If you find something abnormal and feel the necessity to visit an oncologist immediately, you can have access to the best cancer treatment from trusted faculty, with the help of the latest technology,  monitored by Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh in Siliguri, West Bengal. Let’s fight Cancer together.

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