“Linking Sugar to Cancer Growth” – Becomes A Major Breakthrough For Scientists

“Linking Sugar to Cancer Growth” – Becomes A Major Breakthrough For Scientists


Cancer cells need a lot of energy for their growth and gain it by using sugar from your body.

According to a 9-year long research, scientists have found that sugar ‘awakens’ cancer cells and makes tumors more aggressive.

This is being signaled as a critical breakthrough in modern cancer studies. In a paper published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers from VIB (Vlaams Institute voor Biotechnology) and Vrije University in Brussels found that a compound in sugar stimulates cancer cells to grow faster.

Cancer Is A Curse To All!!

Cancer is a collection of harmful diseases causing abnormal cell growth in an uncontrolled manner and spreads rapidly to other parts of the body. It can start almost everywhere in the body, which is made up of more than of trillions of cells.

Reasons for Having Cancer You Must Aware if It!!

Cancer is not caused by a single reason. There are a variety of reasons lies behind it-

  •     Biological factors, such as age, gender, inherited genetic defects and skin type
  •     Environmental exposure, for instance to UV radiation and fine particulate matter.
  •     Occupational risk factors such as exposure to carcinogens like many chemicals, radioactive materials, asbestos etc.
  •     Lifestyle-related factors like consumption of tobacco or drinking too much alcohol.

A Major Connection between Sugar and Cancer Cells!!

The research project conducted by institutes in Belgium give a proper clarification about this connection. The evident provides a positive correlation between sugar and cancer. As per by their studies-

  •     The high level of sugar consumption of cancerous cells leads to the continued stimulation of cancer development.
  •      A major impact of Warburg effect works in this case, a phenomenon in which cancer cells rapidly break down sugars to stimulate rapid growth of tumor.
  •     Moreover, it has been seen that tumors convert significantly higher amounts of sugar into lactate compared to healthy tissues.
  •     There is a molecular connection also lies behind this. An intermediate compound in the sugar acts as a direct activator of Ras (a cancer-causing protein). It causes more sugar breakdown which leads to fatal for the cancer patients.

There Is Still Mystery Regarding It…

Thevelein said- “We have still no accurate evidence of Warburg effect, which happens in healthy people in reality or not.”

However, it is advisable to cancer patients to avoid consuming a high level of sugars like glucose and fructose, which are rapidly broken down by the body.

Sugar is Best Friend of Cancer Cell!!

“Cancer cells undoubtedly multiply faster than normal cells.  It requires more energy and that’s why they need the rapid sugar breakdown,” says Thevelein.

Reducing sugar intake during cancer treatment might help to overcome the cancer-related diseases. Moreover, starches would be a wiser food choice for people living with cancer, as they take a longer time to break down in the body and are less likely to feed the cancer cells.

It is advisable to cancer patients who go through treatment should eat more frequent meals and consume more protein like cheese, eggs, nuts, seeds, and meat.

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