Major Lifestyle Chances To Avoid Cancer

Major Lifestyle Chances To Avoid Cancer


There is a saying “Life is a gift which should not be misused”

You think you know the lifestyle risks that cause Cancer? Guess what, you may be wrong. Almost 45% of cancers in men and 40% of cancers in women are preventable with lifestyle changes. Even after numerous public health education campaigns, people are still confused about the risk factors. A cancer hospital in Siliguri provides valuable information on Cancer and the below statistics.

Cancer statistics in India:

  •     Almost 2.5 million people are living with cancer
  •     Every year approximately 7 Lakh people are diagnosed with cancer
  •     Almost 5,56400 have died because of Cancer
  •     India has the 3rd highest number of cancer cases among women

Low awareness and late detection is the primary reason for the mortality in India. According to the studies of a cancer hospital in Siliguri, only 5-10% of all cancer is associated with genetic defects while the remaining 90-95% of the cases are related to the environment and lifestyle. “Human biology is actually far more complicated than we imagine.” and “Most biology will come from the complex interaction of all the proteins and cells working with environmental factors, not driven directly by the genetic code”.

Acquired factors that cause Cancer:

Studies say that lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, dietary habits, and infections are likely to develop Cancer in human beings. Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh who has a hospital of Cancer treatment in Siliguri says that the lifestyle and environmental factors those are potentially modifiable includes Tobacco, Alcohol, Obesity, Diet, Infectious agents, Environmental pollutants, and Radiation.

  •     Tobacco is the leading cause of Lung Cancer and among all cancer-related deaths, almost 25-30% happens due to Tobacco.
  •     Alcohol is associated with almost 25-68% of Cancer and a risk factor for cancers of the upper aerodigestive tract.
  •     Diet causes Cancer deaths in almost 70% of colorectal Cancer cases.
  •     Obesity is related to the increased cases of mortality from Cancer of the breast, colon, kidneys, endometrium, gastric cardia etc.
  •     HIV, HBV, HCV, Epstein Barr virus, human T-lymphotropic virus etc are attributed to the risks of anogenital cancer, cervical cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, skin cancer, Burkitt’s lymphoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma etc.
  •     Environmental Pollution is linked to Lung Cancer, the risk of brain tumors, germ cell tumors, testicular cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, bladder cancer.
  •     Radiation induces thyroid cancers, skin cancers, lung and breast carcinomas, lymphoma, and leukemia.

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