You Never Thought Knowing Immunology Could Be So Beneficial!

You Never Thought Knowing Immunology Could Be So Beneficial!


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What is Immunology?

Immunology which is an integral part of biology or biomedical science is the study of the immune system. Dr. Jenner who is also known as the “Father of Immunology” has developed the vaccines for smallpox and since then we have concerns about the immune system whose work is to protect us through various lines of defense from getting infected.

And the malfunction of the Immune system leads up to chemical, physical and psychological disorders such as asthma, diabetes, allergy, autoimmune and cancer too which is the leading cause of death on Earth.

Who is an immunologist?

A scientist or clinician who specializes in the immunology is known as Immunologist. He is basically trained in managing problems associated with the immune system. You can consult an Immunology in Siliguri who helps to understand the working process of the immune system and also research on finding new ways of diagnosing and treating patients with immunological conditions.

The importance of Immunology:

The function and malfunction of our body depend on the compositions of the bodily bacteria and it is also associated with our health when fighting diseases. Immunology and Immunotherapy combat diseases and helps in survival of a human body protecting and restoring the immune system.

When it comes to Cancer, Immunotherapy plays a big role here and it is very unlikely of chemotherapy and radiotherapy that directly attacks the cancer cell. Immunotherapy rather amplifies the immune machinery of the body which increases the power to fight cancer tumors.

A  Cancer hospital in Siliguri uses the new method that does not destruct the embryos rather they found a way to create stem cells by putting mature cells under stress which avoid the insertion of genetic materials into cells and the problems of rejection.

Researchers have stated that this process is far more effective and it is 5 to 10 time faster too in reprogramming cells. It also helps in understanding the reason behind certain cell become cancer and it has eased Cancer treatment in Siliguri.

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