Get Relief From Cancer With Pain Management

Get Relief From Cancer With Pain Management


The persons who are diagnosed with cancer recently, have normally without pain, as the disease doesn’t reason of pain. When one can first diagnose with cancer he or she is fear of pain. More or fewer three-quarters of people have cancer pain in the progression period of the disease.

Pain can differ from person to person. If you are one of them your oncologist will refer you for pain management in Siliguri once to get relief. Not only physical pain but care providers also take care of your emotional, financial, and spiritual stress as well.


Two types of pain happen due to cancer therapy. The types are as follows:

  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Nociceptive Pain


Whether the pain is disturbing in your life or resolute inform it. It helps to maintain a record of your pain.

  • The intensity of the pain
  • Types of pain either it is dull or achy or stabbing
  • Time of pain
  • Area of pain
  • The way by which pain gets better or worse
  • Any pain healing methods viz. hot or cold packs, medications, or massage you have taken during pain
  • Any side effect for pain applying pain relieving methods


Cancer pain mainly happens because of tissue defilement. Tumors mainly damage or depress bones, tissues, or nerves. Tumors also create some obstacles in the void part of the body viz. blood vessels, lymph vessels, and the digestive system.

Cancer treatment is also responsible for pain. Pain occurs after surgery, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy. Muscle aching can be possible because of a lack of body movement.


The reason behind cancer pain is the disease itself or having some side effect of therapy. Your cancer doctor finds out the reason for your pain by studying your medical background or doing some physical tests.

Diagnostic imaging can allow us to find out the reason for the pain in depth. Use a scale having marks from 0 to10 to measure the severity of pain where 0 denotes no pain and 10 is for the severity of pain.


Pain can be controlled significantly for most people. There is a lot of relief process available. The treatment to control the pain depends on the reasons behind cancer pain and the severity of the patient’s pain. You may follow combinational treatment to get a better result:

  • Opioids
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers
  • Other medicines
  • Integrative therapy
  • Chocked pain signals

Discuss your pain with your doctor to get the best treatment such as pain management in Siliguri. Seating with your doctor decides an aim for feeling and report him or her result.

The health care provider evaluates your pain by using a scale. The new aim should give you relief. If you are not relieved consult your doctor once more. All the cancer centers are now providing pain management systems at an affordable cost.

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