Everyday Eating Habits And Household Items That Must Be Prevented From Causing Cancer

Everyday Eating Habits And Household Items That Must Be Prevented From Causing Cancer


In simple words, cancer is just the unwanted growth of cells inside the body. It is of many forms but the actual reason for this chronic disease is still unknown. It is generally said by the doctors that cancer has three stages in which it is curable in the first stage and in some cases even in the second stage. But there is no single cause for cancer as scientists believe that many factors lead to causing cancer so it is advisable to prevent and keep you healthy for a better life:

Foods and habits that must be avoided to prevent cancer:

When our parents were young they were not concerned about the food habits or items that cause cancer. The research was not so advanced at that time, but there were less processed foods on the market. People ate healthier and pure foods and used good items or houses because that what was available to them. But nowadays doctors link everything to cancer from eating habits to using items. If you think to have a healthy life and diet but there are few foods and household items might cause the risk of cancer.

Potato Chips:

The preservatives in potato chips can raise the risk of cancer in a person’s body. The high salt content is also correlated with many types of cancer. However, the process by which the potato chips are made crispy produces carcinogen acrylamide which is a component of cigarettes and you might definitely not want to eat it.

Drinking tea in plastic cups:

Do you take tea in a plastic cup which is brought in colorful polythene bags? Do you consume food which is packed in polythene? If so then try to remove this practice or else you can get affected by some disease or even cancer. The polythene bags sold in the markets are made with the help of a poisonous chemical, Bisphenol-A which is proved to be highly cancerous for people.

Non-stick cookware:

Non-stick cookware is loved by everyone and it is available in every house. But, nobody knows about the harmful effects of using it. This cookware is made using a synthetic coating of polytetrafluoroethylene also known as Teflon when heated release toxins and has potential carcinogens which can cause cancer.


Bread is an easy snack to fill your stomach but it has some additives that cause cancer. Potassium bromated and Potassium iodate is the harmful preservatives used in pieces of bread which can lead to the risk of cancer.

Refined Sugar:

The biggest cancer causing food is the refined sugar. Even brown sugar is highly refined white sugar with some of the removed molasses added for flavor and colour. Refined sugar is the major source of insulin spikes and helps in growing the cancer cells. Now that doctors use diabetes medication to fight cancer cells it is sure that these cells will be more affected by these medicines.

Air fresheners:

Did you know, the essential air fresheners that most homes keep has chemical substances such as Acetaldehyde that gives a sweet smell? It is also considered to be a carcinogen and also gives a deteriorated air quality which if breathed in can lead to cancer.

Hydrogenated oils:

Vegetable oils which are extracted from their source are chemically treated and more chemicals are added to change the taste and the smell. They are packed with unhealthy omega-6 fats and which have been proved to change the structure of the cells which increases the risk of cancer.

How eating well helps in cancer?

A balanced diet is very important to cope up with cancer and its treatments. Up to 4 out of 10 people have increased weight loss when diagnosed with cancer or have problems with nutrition. There are some necessary points to know about the need for eating good food and nutrition.

  •     Easy to cope with the side effects of treatment
  •     Handle the most beneficial dose of the cancer treatments
  •     Able to recover and heal faster
  •     Fight with infections
  •     Feel stronger, healthier and have more energy

If a cancer patient stays in proper health and nutrition, they can recover faster which will also improve the chance of survival.

Research of Eating and Nutrition:

It is often heard from the caregivers about the concern for eating healthy and nutrition so ASCO has released a research in the eating and nutrition. Health care and oncology providers play an important in supporting patients and the families about eating and nutrition. However many patients do not feel comfortable talking about their illness all the time so it is important for them to trust their health care team’s ability in advising them about eating habit and nutrition.

If the patients want to inquire about their body image and about their eating and nutrition the healthcare teams or doctors can help them in advising a better specialist for some relief and better information to keep their life healthy and better.

The things we rely on every day may slowly and steadily lead us towards a grave health condition,

Not only eliminating these foods or everyday things lowers the risk of cancer but it also makes your life better from the inside out. If you can control what goes inside your body with steadfast determination, then keep away from the above things given to have a lifestyle free of concern and keep yourself from the reach of any type of cancer.

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