Coping With Body Mass Index (BMI) And Its Maintenance

Coping With Body Mass Index (BMI) And Its Maintenance


“Your body can cope up almost anything. It’s your mind that either you have to convince or not.”
A recent news story in the Journal of the American Medical Association pointed that our lifestyle is changing these days very promptly, as well as the shape of our bodies and weights.

BMI as a Measuring Tool

Body Mass Index, in short BMI, provides an easy as well as a frequent way to measure the level of obesity. However, many doctors are questioning its accuracy and usefulness on body weight measurement.

What Actually Means by BMI Results?

The different calculation of BMI gives different results and values.

  •     If the readings under 18.5- underweight.
  •     If you fall between 18.5 and 24.9- normal.
  •     If the readings 30 or higher- overweight.

How BMI Changes According to Age & Time?

As we age, muscle turns to fat. A process called “sarcopenia,” in this condition muscle begins an implacable process to become fat. Although exercise might help to get rid of it, Mother Nature simply doesn’t care as much about the gym and the treadmill as she used to.

Is BMI the right tool to measure excessiveness?

In recent years, many researchers argue that BMI is not the appropriate way to measure the real body weight. According to the study it has been said that-
‘BMI can’t distinguish between fat and muscle. They can tip more toned individuals into overweight status, even if their fat levels are low’.

In the journal Science, the latest data shows that-

  •     BMI also doesn’t tease apart different types of fat, which can have different metabolic effects on health.
  •     Moreover, BMI cannot take into consideration where the body holds fat like belly fat. Even thin people can have high levels of this type of fat, which means they might be considered healthy by BMI standards. But internally they may actually be at higher risk of health problems.

Why Is BMI Still The Preferred Way To Figure Out Obesity?

  •     It’s a relatively easy way for doctors to take during an office visit.
  •     Taking a person’s height and weight into an equation to produces a number. This number informs doctors about whether the patients are at any risk or not regarding health problems.

However, there may be better ways to measure body fat that provide more useful readings like CT scans and MRIs, which provide a crystal clear glimpse at the body’s make-up by separating out fat from muscle.

But these are much more expensive than another one.

So without a viable way to change how we measure body fat, for now, BMI is the best option for sure without any doubt.

Pledge, to stay within BMI

Yes, times are changing, our bodies are changing too and we must quickly adapt to the changing situations of our body. We must stay updated and check regularly about the kind of health we are in.

So, let’s pledge towards a better health which is sure to bring a better life.

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