10 Common Symptoms of Breast Cancer Everyone Should Know

10 Common Symptoms of Breast Cancer Everyone Should Know

Breast cancer occurs due to the mutation of the breast cells causing it to multiply rapidly and turn to cancerous cells. There are many hospitals which provide breast cancer treatment in Siliguri and keep you out of harm’s way. Breast cancer typically occurs in women aged above 50 but it can also affect males and younger girls.   

Women are mostly affected by breast cancer since it’s more common to occur in them when the cancer cells in the breast area multiply and turn into tumours. In most cases, breast cancer turns out to be invasive and can affect other body parts. 

Breast cancer specialists determine this cancer based on its nature into different types to tailor treatments with fewer side effects and more effectiveness. Some of the common types of breast cancer are-
  • Lobular breast cancer
  • DCIS (Ductal carcinoma in situ)
  • IDC (Invasive ductal carcinoma)
  • IBC (inflammatory breast cancer)
  • TNBC (triple-negative breast cancer)

Symptoms of breast cancer

Based on its nature breast cancer can affect your breast in different ways. Sometimes the symptoms are seen distinctively while in other cases the symptoms might occur subtly. Some of such symptoms that can be noticed in the breast area at the time of breast cancer include-

1. Changes occurring in the texture of the skin- As a result of breast cancer inflammation and changes can happen in the breast skin cells causing changes of texture in the area such as scaly skin in the area around the areola and the nipple. 

These areas will start to appear extremely dry and look like it’s been sunburned. Skin thickening will also appear in some parts of the breast. Sometimes due to these changes occurring in the breast area, it can itch a lot which is sometimes associated with breast cancer although it is not common. 

Nipple scaling is a type of skin change that can be noticed which is a sign of a rare kind of breast cancer known as Paget’s disease.

2. Discharge in the nipple- If you start noticing some type of nipple discharge in thick or thin consistency and have different colour ranges such as green, yellow, bloody or milky and sometimes clear it can be a sign of breast cancer. 

These types of discharges normally occur in one breast. Sometimes discharges can also come out from both breasts in case both breasts are affected by cancer.

Out of the entire nipple discharges which are mostly noncancerous the bloody discharge affecting only one spontaneous nipple can be quite alarming due to its cancerous nature. 

3. Dimpling- It can be associated with an aggressive breast cancer type which is inflammatory breast cancer. You must consult with the best breast cancer surgeon near you when you start noticing breast cancer. 

Skin dimpling occurs due to the build-up of the lymph nodes in the breast areas caused by the cancer cells. Since the skin dimpling occurs as an orange’ surface it is referred to as “peau d’orange”. 

4. Swelling- As a result of breast cancer some areas or the entire breast area can become swelled up. A distinct lump might not occur after such swelling but the breast affected by the cancer will appear different in size than the unaffected one. 

Although some people have two different breast sizes the swelling will cause more difference in the breast size. Your skin might also appear to be tight as a result of breast swelling. 

5. Nipple inversion- Due to breast cancer the cells behind your nipple can undergo some changes. As a result of such changes, your breast will start appearing different in size resulting in nipple reversing or inversion. 

The appearance of the nipple often changes during the ovulation period or other times of the menstrual cycle. It is very important to consult with a cancer specialist regarding any kind of nipple changes. 

6. Breast pain- Due to the skin cell change in the breast area as a result of cancer it can lead to extreme discomfort, tenderness and pain. However, in the presence of a lump pain can’t be felt. 

Most breast cancers are painless, but it is advisable to not ignore any kind of discomfort felt in the breast area which can be due to breast cancer. The pain felt at the time of breast cancer is a kind of tender and burning sensation. 

7. Changes in the lymph node- Lymph nodes are compact and round in appearance. The purpose of these immune system tissues is to filter out the fluids as well as capture any kind of harmful cells such as viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. 

In cases when the cancerous cells move from the breast area, they first attack the lymph nodes of the underarm area on the same affected breast region. As a result, these areas can swell up.

 Along with a swollen armpit lymph node, you might also notice swelling in the collarbone area which feels like firm, small and swollen lumps that are tender to touch. 

8. Breast size change- It is very common for two breasts to be different in size from each other. However, if you suddenly notice a rapid change of size occurring in one of your breasts without an explanation it can result from cancer.

Changes in the breast size can be the symptom of a type of cancer but a rapid change of size is mostly seen in the case of inflammatory breast cancer which is a very rare but most aggressive-natured breast cancer. 

Since it is one of the most common symptoms of breast cancer it is very important to not ignore this important symptom and consult with a health care provider immediately. 

9. Breast lump- The most initial breast cancer is the occurrence of a lump in the breast area. Lumps which are hard in nature and have irregular edges are most likely to be cancerous. But sometimes cancers are also soft with rounded edges. 

If your family has a history of breast cancer then it is advisable to get checked by a cancer specialist as the lumps of breast cancer are generally very small and hard to be noticed. 

10. Unexplained weight loss- In some cases a rapid change in the metabolism can occur in your body due to breast cancer leading to sudden weight loss. You must take this change in your body very seriously since it can be very concerning if the change in your weight occurs alongside changes in your breasts. 

Sometimes you might also suffer from rapid fatigue sessions which are a sign of an advanced stage of breast cancer. Although weight loss and fatigue are very common, we tend to ignore these symptoms which cause you big harm in the future. It is important to get yourself checked before these symptoms become fatal. 

Breast cancer is a common type of cancer occurring in women. However, it can also affect a male. There are many specialists who provide breast cancer treatment in Siliguri hence if you are suffering from this disease you can easily get the necessary treatment. If you are showing symptoms of breast cancer it is advisable to not ignore them and consult with a doctor at the earliest before it becomes serious. 

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