Choosing the Right Oncologist

How to find the right oncologist?


It can be confusing for you to discover the right oncologist since cancer is an intricate disease, you need quick research before you receive the treatment. This blog is designed to give you certain tips to find the best doctor for your cure. The cases regarding cancer disease have already started uplifting, triggering the doctors’ concern. If we talk about North Bengal, cancer treatment has come a long way with the supervision of Dr. Saptarshi Gosh, is the leading oncologist in Siliguri, West Bengal.

How to find the right oncologist?

Consider these points

1.    Referral from your previous doctor: doctors have wider access to other specialists, listen to what your physician is advising you. They’ll definitely support you in this regard.

2.    Talk to other doctors: it’s always best to research well before proceeding further. Seek guidance from the other experts, which will help ensure what would be the best one for you.

3.    Focus on the expertise of the oncologist: when we’re emphasizing the research work it means you have to make sure

üwhether he/she is a board-certified doctor

ü their experience in the field

üSpecialty (types of cancer they treat)

4.    Go for other sources: we agree that this isn’t always possible to find out the other patients who had received treatments from these doctors. But it really helps you build a solid trust in the faculty. To make the process hassle-free you can simply contact your friends or members of your family.

5.    Proper management team: to treat cancer requires extensive care. The management here plays a significant role, the team must have proficient oncology nurses, palliative care doctors, oncology physicians, and other assistants.

6.    Rating and reviews of the doctor: now it has become easy to track the reviews of the hospitals or doctors online. Simply type their name online and visit the official websites. They used to publish the reviews and rating data right there. And if you wish to contact the reviewers, go for it.

Conclusion: An experienced doctor not only suggests the years of experience he is holding but also refers to how efficient he is in diagnosing and treating the specific disease.

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