What is Oral Chemo Therapy?

What is Oral Chemo Therapy?


Cancer is a disease that has destroyed many families over the years. But with the advancement of medical sciences things are taking a drastic turn. One of the major medications that are done to destroy the cancer cells is chemotherapy. Many of the readers will be well versed with the medication procedure of chemotherapy. But a new form of this is becoming very popular. This is called oral chemotherapy and you can say that it is a bit improved version of the previous one. Chemotherapy in Siliguri is becoming very popular for its new set of benefits.

This article is truly centered on this form of chemotherapy and where you can get the proper form of chemotherapy in Siliguri.

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  •     What is oral chemotherapy?
  •     Benefits of oral chemotherapy
  •     Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh
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What is oral chemotherapy?

Oral chemotherapy is designed to provide all the benefits you get from the normal one but here all the medications are done orally. Cancer generally goes through a lot during his fight against the disease. Some of the other processes include therapies with radiation, occasional surgeries to name a few. Both oral and traditional chemotherapy can be done simultaneously or after the above medical procedures.

Benefits of oral chemotherapy

There are a lot of benefits assigned to oral chemotherapy against the traditional one that is discussed below.

  • The ease at which you can avail the services of oral chemotherapy cannot be compared to traditional chemotherapy because in traditional chemotherapy you have to make frequent visits to your consulted doctor. The process is long and tiring and you wish this to end soon.
  • But on the other hand, in oral chemotherapy, you just need to take all your medications at home. So, there are no hassles of travel and no time loss.
  • Oral chemotherapy has the major benefit of physical comfort which is absent in traditional chemotherapy. In normal circumstances, traditional chemotherapy is painful and increases your anxiety levels.
  • But the methodology used in oral chemotherapy is a bit simple and does not cause too much pain.
  • Keeping track of the medication is quite easier in oral chemotherapy rather than traditional chemotherapy. In traditional chemotherapy, you require a team of healthcare services that will calculate and monitor all your test results.

But in oral chemotherapy, you can easily do it by yourself as the method is mostly done at home.


The only demerit it has is on the expenses side as most insurance companies put it under the bracket of pharmacy.

Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh

He is a well-known cancer specialist and provides the best chemotherapies in Siliguri. He has been bestowed with a lot of accolades from different colleges and organizations. Apart from this, he has a strong pool of satisfied customers that speaks volumes of his work.


Any form of medication should be started after consultation with a doctor.

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