Manage Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Manage Side Effects of Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy is a well-known cancer treatment that is done with the help of drugs that are infused with powerful chemicals in order to kill the fast-growing cells. It is important to kill all these cells because the abnormal growth can be built an unwanted tumor that may be untreatable at the later stages.  But however, there are certain side effects of this procedure because the major aim of this procedure is to eliminate all the cancerous cells and even if that requires the compromise of some of the healthier cells that are responsible for the well-being of the body. But the situation can be prevented through quick adjustments. Doctors who practice cancer treatment in Siliguri advise chemotherapy patients to alter certain changes in their habits so that they can cope with the therapy with ease.

This article provides essential information regarding how you can manage the side effects of chemotherapy along with a short description of a doctor who practices the best cancer treatment in Siliguri.

Table of Content:

  •     Ways by which you can manage the side-effects of chemotherapy
  •     Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh
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Ways by which you can manage the side-effects of chemotherapy

A patient can feel numerous symptoms but all of that can be countered with certain adjustments. Some of these include-

Nausea and Vomiting

It is the biggest symptom that any patient undergoing chemotherapy faces. But these are the ways you can counter it-

  •     Prefer small meals rather than big ones.
  •     Please drink half an hour before any meal.
  •     You should eat your food slowly and steadily.
  •     Doctors also prescribe certain medication that helps the patient recover from nausea.

The patient also suffers taste change

  •     You should ignore red meat as it can falter your taste even more. So you should try poultry and dairy products.
  •     Use additional ingredients that make can make your food sweet and sour according to your preference.

Fatigue is another major symptom in chemotherapy

  •     Take frequent rest in the middle.
  •     Take support from the family.

Hair loss is also a predominant feature of chemotherapy. But it is not prevalent in all treatments

  •     You should use a soft bristle comb to stroke your hair so that it remains intact.
  •     Use shampoos and conditioners effectively
  •     Cut your hairs short so that you can get the essential strength

Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh

He is regarded as the best doctor who practices cancer treatment in Siliguri. His expertise in this field for many years has earned him both reputation and recommendation from his previous patients who were highly benefited from his services.


In order to survive deadly cancer, chemotherapy is a must but the side effect that comes along with it can be adjusted through these methods.

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