Cure Cancer Through Research, Communication & Collaboration

Cure Cancer Through Research, Communication & Collaboration


Molecular oncology is an interdisciplinary clinical claim to fame at the interface of restorative science and oncology that alludes to the examination of the science of disease and tumors at the molecular scale.

The non-surgical services are equally important like the real treatment for cancer. By the way, it is the form of awareness about the cancer disease before it catches. The research, communication and collaboration are the three absolute crucial dimensions of cancer cure. These are the attributes that ensure the relevancy of scientific and medical advances to cure cancer disease.

In Siliguri, these attributes are highly promoted which the cancer caring departments are also in full support. Finding the new solution, communicating about it and collaborating with the specialists, these works are done by Molecular Oncology in Siliguri. The advocacy evaluates the cancer research which increases the interaction and is mutually beneficial for collaboration.

Importance of Advocacy Dimension For Cancer Cure

Mostly the advocates for this program are the ones who have closely experienced cancer before. These include surviving cancer and also caring for someone with cancer. The points that highlight there the main role in research, communication and collaboration for cancer cure are-

Bolstering sense of urgency

The advocates provide the viewpoints of the patients while planning and executing the phases of research. They are the ones who represent the people with a sense of urgency for practical experiments. As the perspective is based on their own experiences, they help in scientific meetings and also serves at the review panels.

Retention of clinical trials

In the beginning, the advocates collect the patient perspective on the implementation of the trails. Then, this opinion is shared with the specialists and research departments to address the outcome of the trials. They will improve the enrollment of the patient and retains the trials successfully.

Enhancing research goals

The advocates share and amplify the research and scientific information among the people. Sharing is their aim and they have a pretty good connection with both the medical team and the public to do this. With this, large proportion of people gets an idea of the research goal and will be able to cooperate.

Mission of public awareness

Raising awareness among people is very important when it comes to diseases like cancer. The public awareness program is done by targeting a certain population at one specific time. The same thing will be repeated in many societies for maintaining sustainable health to fight off cancer disease.

This is why the Molecular Oncology in Siliguri always stays active for the development and application of cancer research. The collaboration and communication with the advocates make cancer research more productive.

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