An Effective Way To Treat Cancer

An Effective Way To Treat Cancer


All the cancer treatment types are effective in its own way and result offering. The type of treatment that the patient will receive will depend on the type of cancer. In some cases, the type of cancer treatment is recommended according to the cancer stage. The cancer radiation therapy in Siliguri is the most used treatment. Some patients will only require treatment for cancer. Whereas most patients require the combination of treatments.

Table of Contents:

    What are the highly acknowledged and precise cancer treatment types?

  •     Surgery
  •     Radiation therapy
  •     Chemotherapy
  •     Immunotherapy
  •     Targeted therapy
  •     Hormone therapy
  •     Conclusion

What are the highly acknowledged and precise cancer treatment types?


When surgery is recommended by the cancer specialist as the treatment then, it can be regarded as the removal technique. While doing the cancer surgery, the surgeon removes cancer from the patient’s body. Surgery is done under different situations to deal against cancer.

Radiation therapy

It is the type of cancer treatment in which the beams of intense is used to kill cancer cells. For cancer radiation therapy in Siliguri, most often X-rays are used. The cancer specialist uses radiation therapy to treat every type of cancer. More than half of the cancer patients receive radiation therapy.


Chemotherapy is an effective cancer treatment process which is basically a drug treatment. During this treatment, some powerful chemicals are used to kill fast-growing cancer cells. It stops the multiplication and growth function of the cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be used in single or with the combination to treat cancer.


This cancer treatment is offered by the cancer hospital to patients that provides cancer radiation therapy in Siliguri. The aim of immunotherapy is to support the immune system of patients to fight cancer. The immune checkpoint inhibitors, T-cell transfer therapy, treatment vaccines and immune system modulators are the types of immunotherapy used to treat cancer.

Targeted therapy

During this type of cancer treatment, drugs are used to target specific genes and proteins. The target is to disrupt the growth and survival of the cancer cells. The cancer specialist often uses targeted therapy with chemotherapy and other treatments.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy
involves medications process to treat cancer in patients. The medications will prevent the cancers cells to get the hormones which they need to grow. Well, in some cases the gland that produces hormones for cancer cells will be surgically removed.

Yes, the cancer treatment like cancer radiation therapy in Siliguri is done by the experienced cancer specialist. However, it is very important for patients to learn about the treatment types as it may help patients to be in control.

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