Brighten Your Day And Lift Your Spirits

Brighten Your Day And Lift Your Spirits


Radiation therapy also known as radiotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that is used to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors with high doses of radiation. At low doses, the radiation is used as an x-ray to see inside your body and take pictures, such as x-rays of your teeth or broken bones. Consider cancer radiation therapy in Siliguri for your treatment.

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  •     How radiation therapy works
  •     What does radiation therapy do?
  •     Coping with emotions during radiation therapy

 How radiation therapy works

Radiation therapy can be administered using an external or internal beam. External beam involves a machine outside your body that aims radiation at cancer cells. In internal radiation therapy the radiation is placed inside the body, in or near the cancer. Sometimes people get both forms of radiation therapy. The form of radiation therapy you receive depends largely on the size of the tumour and its placement.

What does radiation therapy do?

Radiation therapy is used to:

Treat cancer: Radiation can be used to kill the cancer cells entirely to prevent it from reoccurring, or to stop or slow its growth.

Reduce symptoms: When the tumor is large or has spread to a wide area in the body, a cure may not be possible. In such cases, radiation may be used to treat pain and other relative problems caused by the cancer tumor. Or, it can also be used to prevent certain side effects that may be caused by a growing tumor, such as blindness or loss of bowel and bladder control.

Coping with emotions during radiation therapy

Living with cancer and going through radiation therapy can be stressful and tedious. It is completely normal to experience feeling of anger, anxiety, depression, frustration, helplessness or even loneliness at some point during the radiation therapy. That being said, there are also various ways that can help you cope up with these emotions. Many people find it comforting to talk to other people who are on the same path as theirs. If you are one of those, try joining an online support group or a local support group. Members of these groups come together to share their own experiences and offer advice and have healthy discussions.

You can even try meditation or relaxation exercises. These methods help you centre your thoughts and align your feelings.

Exercise is another way to boost your spirits. Experts of cancer radiation therapy in Siliguri recommend doing some light hearted exercises such as walking, biking, yoga, or water aerobics. Just keep it in mind to not over exert yourself.

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