Cancer Rehab: An Underutilized Aspect Of Cancer Care

Cancer Rehab: An Underutilized Aspect Of Cancer Care


The fight against cancer can leave your body into disastrous physical condition. All the treatment procedure and medications can leave a great impact on your body and make you weak for several days. In such cases, doctors advise the patient to seek the help of cancer rehab centres. The cancer rehab centres are not much talked about because they are relatively unknown to many people and only discover it when a doctor suggests them. Cancer hospital in Siliguri has many affiliations with such kind of rehab centres that can help patients recover from the trauma of both the disease and the medication.

This article focuses on all the underlying aspects of cancer rehab centres that people must know so that they can help their near ones trying to cope with this disease along with a short description of a person from the finest cancer hospital in Siliguri.

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  •     What are the benefits of going to a cancer rehab?
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What are the benefits of going to a cancer rehab?

There are numerous benefits associated with taking the help of a cancer rehab while trying to recover from the disease. These benefits include-

Improves strength, mobility and endurance capabilities

The fight against cancer can have some striking effects on your body. The treatment only objective is to eliminate all the cancer cells by any means while achieving that the strength and physicality of the body are compromised. The rehab centre will help you regain all the lost strength and mobility through various activity and exercises. Their activity also helps the patient to endure the harsh treatment with less difficulty.

Improvement in confidence levels

It is always said that to achieve the impossible you need to have faith and the same faith gets shattered when you start the procedure. You start to believe that your life will not be the same after the treatment. Cancer rehabs build the much-needed confidence in you and help you to gain the much-needed confidence that everything will just be fine and same after the procedure.

Take care of all your emotional aspects

Life can be difficult for a person suffering from cancer and he may break down easily on so many levels. All the personnel in your rehab centre treat you like their friend and will help to take care of all your emotional needs.

Prepare strategies for long term survival

They also prepare strategies that will help patients to have better prospects to deal with cancer.

Dr. Saptarshi Ghosh

He is a renowned doctor from the finest cancer hospital in Siliguri. He is vastly experienced and has been bestowed with many accolades throughout his career. He has helped his many patients to recover from this grave disease and lead a normal life.


Cancer rehab centres are much underrated and from this article, readers will be able to know the impacts of it in cancer treatment.


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