Blogging Through Cancer: Survivors Shares Their Story With Others Online

Blogging Through Cancer: Survivors Shares Their Story With Others Online


‘Cancer is a spiritual practice that teaches everyone about faith, confidence, trust, and resilience.’

Cancer-‘The Life Threaten Disease’

Cancer is a large group of diseases causing abnormal cell growth and spreads rapidly to other parts of the body. Normally, the body cells grow, divide to form new cells and replace the old cells of the body. But in the case of cancer, old cells do not replace the new cells. The cancer cells keep on growing and making new cells and these extra cells can divide without stopping.

Reasons lie behind the Cancer!!

Cancer in any part of the body happens due to-

  •     The changes arise in the DNA within cells.
  •     Inside a cell, DNA is packaged into a large number of individual genes.
  •     Each of which contains a set of instructions which tells the cell what functions to perform, as well as how to grow and divide.
  •     If any error occurs in the instructions, it can cause the cell to stop its normal function and ultimately it leads to cancer.

Advanced Technology for Cancer Treatment!!

Although Cancer is the deadliest disease, you should not worry, because nowadays the treatment of cancer is much advanced than earlier. However, the types of treatment that you will get depend on the types of cancer you have and how advanced it is. There are many therapies developed for curing the early stages of cancer such as-

  •     Radiation Therapy
  •     Chemotherapy
  •     Immunotherapy
  •     Targeted Therapy
  •     Hormone Therapy
  •     Stem cell Transplant

Inspirational Short Stories from Well-Known Cancer Survivors!!

Here we will present the two successful stories of breast cancer survivors who share their own story through online by blogging-

1. Diane’s Story…

Let’s have a look at what she said-

  •     Hello! My name is Diane and I am a 7-year breast cancer survivor. My story began in 2011 when I felt a slight sensation of pain in my right breast.
  •     And on New Year’s Eve, 2011, the pain was so severe that I was planning for a mammogram test in the first week of 2012.
  •     A few more days passed and finally, I received a letter where it was written that we have to go again there for further testing. But the result was the same, they didn’t recognize properly.
  •     Then, I called my older sister and she consults me a gynecologist. And, then I explained the situation to the gynecologist and immediately she found a doctor to give me a biopsy.
  •     Next day, in the early morning, I received a call from my gynecologist asking me to come back.
  •     The doctor told me that I have breast cancer and I have to go through various therapies.
  •     Next day I was scheduled for an MRI that confirms I m suffering from breast cancer.
  •     After that, I met with the breast surgeon who scheduled me for a chest x-ray, bone scans, blood tests, and more painful biopsies.
  •     And the results showed that I had stage 2 estrogen positive breast cancer.
  •     After going through several therapies, I would be in excruciating pain, my joints and muscles hurt so much.
  •     My oncologist consoling me by saying that this was a good sign and it meant that the chemo was working and helps boost my blood cells.
  •     On my alternate weeks, I went to weddings, birthdays and had romantic weekends with my husband, in a short I totally enjoyed my life.
  •     Though I lost my hair during the treatment and wore hats outdoors, my hair grew back during my Taxol infusions.

I got my life back and I am happy to share my journey of surviving that may boost you during cancer stages.

2. Rebecca’s Story…

Have a look at her story-

  •     In early 2009 as I felt a lump and little pain, I was doing a self-breast exam.
  •     Firstly, I wasn’t too concerned because I knew my mom had several benign lumps and I have almost figured it was probably the same.
  •     I waited a couple of months until my next visit to a female gyno. When I told my doctor about my lump in my breast, she said women my age (34) get lumps.
  •     Furthermore, she said to me breast cancer matters only if your mom or any genetical relatives have any history of breast cancer.
  •     Then I paused for a minute, remembering back to my college biology class on genetics and was pretty sure that half the genes come from each parent, but I brushed it off as well. I mean, Why would I have cancer?  Cancer is for older people, right?
  •     After one year passed, I could still feel the lump growing, so I decided to go for another lady doctor.
  •     She sent me for an ultrasound and mammogram. And the mammogram showed some interesting areas which warranted a biopsy.
  •     On June 4, 2010, at 1:04 PM, I was at work and had just joined a conference call when my cell phone rang.
  •     The nurse on the opposite side of the phone said the results were positive. My first thought was, “What was positive? I’m not pregnant.”
  •     After a few seconds, I realized she wasn’t talking about pregnancy. She was talking about cancer.
  •     I had to confirm with her, “Are you telling me I have breast cancer?” she said yes.
  •     After hearing this, my husband and I went to the doctor. She said that I had to go through with the surgery and then we’d start chemo.
  •     They supported my plans to run through treatment and helped me to feel normal.

Now, almost 9 years later, I still run and I help all the women who newly diagnosed with cancer.

‘”Either you can be a victim of cancer or a survivor of cancer. It totally depends on your mindset.”

 Popular FAQs-

Q. Do we get cancer from what we eat?

A. Yes, it can be happen. The high-fat and low-fiber diet may play a significant role for the disease of cancer.

Q. Can Stress Cause Cancer?

A. Researchers have done many studies to see if there’s a link between stress and cancer. And as per their research, there is no scientific evidence of that, where stress increases cancer risk.

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