Beware Of Tattoos As It Might Give You Cancer

Beware Of Tattoos As It Might Give You Cancer


Tattoos manifest pain and pleasure both at the same time

A tattoo is basically a design which is made on the body to modify it with dyes, inks, and pigments. Tattoos have become a more acceptable fashion for the people of any level of the society by the end of the 20th century. Along with the western countries, Asian countries such India, China, etc have started to accept it in a more fashionable way and sports person, film personalities have been doing Tattoos on their body which inspires all other individual followers to replicate that.

However, it is unknown to most of them that researchers have found Tattoos to cause cancer. They have found that the inks that are used in tattooing have chemicals and particles that enhance the risk of cancer.

How do Tattoos affect you?

Among the youngsters, it has become a trend to have tattoos. India which is a developing country is not far behind as people love to follow the trend and the easy access and acceptance of Tattoos has made it easier to have one. Needles are used to making permanent Tattoos by injecting colors under the skin’s surface.

The ink ingredients are never researched before the tattoo parlors apply them to your skin. Researchers have concluded recently that, these kinds of inks may consist of risky chemicals and the dyes used in the ink remain in the body for a long period and they might affect your body the worse way.

Since the inks are a blend of the plethora of chemicals which are bought from one supplier and then mixed and sold to other and thus it finally reaches a Tattoo parlor and the worst part is that we are still not aware of the ingredients that are used in the Tattoo inks.

Side effects of Tattoos:

Frequent reports flash up about the adverse reaction after having a Tattoo being done on the body despite FDA’s thorough research on the components that are used in the ink.

Some side effects that may occur are-

  •     Infections
  •     Allergies
  •     Scarring
  •     Granulomas
  •     MRI complications
  •     Itching
  •     Pain

Presence of Nanoparticles which can lead up to Cancer:

Researchers have discovered that the Tattoo inks contain nanoparticles that damage collagen (A major protein which creates 30% of the protein of the human body) and finally it causes cancer. Black pigments that are used in the Tattoo inks contain the smallest particles and the white pigments contain the largest particles and what you must know is that they are responsible for bladder, skin, stomach and lung cancers.

What to do if you are thinking of getting a Tattoo or already have one?

If you are thinking of getting a Tattoo being made on your body, then ask about the prevention measures and the inks along with the skill of the tattooist. A reputed and reliable tattoo parlor provides enough details and takes determined steps to keep you safe and away from hazardous diseases.

In case you already have a Tattoo on your body, you are advised to consult a cancer hospital in Siliguri. However, you must remember that removal of the Tattoos through laser is harmful as well because the laser breaks down the pigments and other particles into smaller particles which allow them to circulate freely in your body.

Before finally making the decision to ink yourself, it’s important to understand the potential risks!!

A tattoo is a commitment by a person to live with a design or some tattoo design that is of much significance to him but people really don’t realize the after effects of this. Generally, a tattoo is body modification by inserting ink into the layers of the skin which later recovers leaving a distinct mark which can sometimes have consequences that you may not know of.

The risks are huge as the tattoo is subject to infection which has to be taken care of to avoid grave disease and or consequences. Lastly, the use of the same needle can sometimes also result in transmission of AIDS, which comes with no cure. A tattoo can definitely lift your fashion level but you surely do not want your skin to be allergenic and the worst result can be Cancer which is a threat to the society.

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