5 Ways To Take Participate In Lung Cancer Awareness Month

5 Ways To Take Participate In Lung Cancer Awareness Month


November is here! It is the time to make a plan for Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

Lung cancer accounts for about 27% of all cancer deaths leading to both men and women. Every year, many people die of lung cancer than any other cancer like breast, prostate cancers etc. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 221,200 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2015 which increases day by day.

So be Aware now or never!

November-The month of Awareness!!

Did you know that lung cancer accounts for 13 % of all new cancer diagnoses in the U.S.? Shocking right?

November is the time of year when our community comes together to raise awareness, educate and spread hope.

Moreover, we celebrate the lives of survivors, remember our lost loved ones and continue to search for a permanent cure for this deadly disease.

Ideas to Get Involved In Cancer Awareness Month!!

There are lots of ways to get involved to make a difference in this month. See which one makes sense for you!

1. Attend an Awareness Event-

During November month, there are many Lung Cancer events take place over 200 healthcare facilities across the country. These awareness events bring the entire lung cancer community together to know more about the-

  •     Latest technology in the treatment
  •     Hear the personal experience from the survivors

Find an event near you!

2. Get Social-

Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are great ways to inform your friends and community about the impact of the disease in such a way-

  •     Apply your Facebook profile frame to spread awareness.
  •     Share LCA fact posts on a particular day every week.

3. Host a Fundraiser-

Fundraisers don’t have to look like your mom’s bake sale. Make it work for you! There is no better way than an online platform which makes easy to set up your own fundraising page and share it with your dear ones. Check it out!

4. Shop Till You Drop-

When you shopping on Amazon or any other shopping websites; simply enter “Lung Cancer Alliance” as a percentage of your purchase will go to help those impacted by lung cancer.

5. Share Your Story-

Sharing your story more broadly is the most impactful and simplest way to raise awareness to make a difference. Click to LCA (Lung Cancer Awareness) to submit your story for a “Survivor Spotlight”.

According to a recent report, the rates of Lung cancer are falling in males but rising in females!

It’s Not Just By Today, But Every Day!!

Lung Cancer Awareness Month comes to end, but that does not mean we should stop raising awareness regarding cancer. There is no fixed time to spread and educate about lung cancer. We have already lost too many people due to lung cancer. Now is the time to make a difference!

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