5 Effective Ways To Reduce The Risks Of Cancer

5 Effective Ways To Reduce The Risks Of Cancer


Cancer is a complex and multifaceted disease that can completely change the course of your livelihood. It has several causes and symptoms that need immediate medical attention. Early detection can reduce the risk of future complications. You can learn about the symptoms and diagnosis of early cancer by availing the facilities of Preventive Oncology in Siliguri. Cancer can attack anyone at any age, but early detection can help effectively manage the disease.

People who have a family history of cancer are at a higher risk of getting caught by it. Cancer has become one of the leading diseases to cause death, however, there are several ways you can reduce your chances of getting cancer.


  • Quit tobacco- Tobacco has been proven to increase the risk of getting oral cancer and pancreatic cancer. India has one of the highest rates of oral cancer patients. Smoking is associated with various types of cancer such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, larynx cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer and kidney cancer. Quitting tobacco is crucial to reduce the major risk of cancer.
  • Take a healthy diet- Eating a balanced and healthy diet is essential to reduce the risk of cancer as it provides nutrition to the body that helps boost the immune system. Eating enough fruits and vegetables is crucial for health and also other means of nutrients such as grains and beans. Limit your intake of alcohol and processed food to tackle the risk of cancer.
  • Be active and maintain a healthy weight- Having a proper BMI is necessary to keep your health in check. Do regular exercise to keep your body fit and healthy reducing the chance of obesity which can lead to a lot of issues with your health conditions. 30 minutes of workout in a day can reduce an enormous amount of risk of getting cancer.
  • Get proper vaccination- Vaccinations can help reduce the risk of the common cancers that have been causing an increase in mortality rate. Get vaccination for hepatitis B which will reduce your risk of getting liver cancer. Another important vaccination is Human papillomavirus or HPV which is a sexually transmitted virus causing cervical, squamous cell cancers, other genital cancers and head and neck cancers. Vaccinations are like shields that can protect you against some major cancers.
  • Do your Screening Test- It is recommended that if an individual has a history of cancer in the family, a screening test must be done to prevent the risk of having cancer. In case of any doubts through self-examination, especially in regards to breast cancer and testicular cancer, get your screening test, because early detection can save you from the risk of further complications. If you are diagnosed with cancer, do not worry! Visit the best Oncologist in Siliguri and get effective care and treatment immediately.

Prevention is the key to reducing the risk of cancer. Along with the above-mentioned preventive measures, protect yourself from the sun, especially the mid-day sun. The harmful UV Rays can lead to skin cancers. Avoid tanning your skin and use sunscreen every day to reduce the risk of getting caught by cancer. Preventive Oncology in Siliguri offers you an extensive guide to protect yourself and stay healthy. Remember that even though early detection can manage the extreme risks of cancer, prevention is always a wise choice. Take proper preventive measures get your screening test from time to time if cancer runs in your family and when in doubt, consult with a doctor.

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