10 Things You Can Gift To A Person Fighting Cancer

10 Things You Can Gift To A Person Fighting Cancer


A cancer patient can beat cancer by how they live, why they live and in the manner in which they live!

 When someone we care about is diagnosed with cancer, almost everyone wants to help them but few of us knows how. The patient may feel embarrassed to tell their family and friends what he or she could really use or want. And if this is a new experience, they may not even know what to suggest.

Confused? What to Give? Don’t Be!

We’ve compiled a list of useful gift ideas for any time of year for that special cancer patient in your life-

    A Comfortable Blanket.

Hospitals are known for being extremely chilly. It will be surely comforting to have your own soft, velvety covering gifted by someone special. Also consider covers which are made from comfortable fabrics, as a jersey knit.

    Port Pillow.

To avoid repeated needle sticks, many cancer patients have a port implanted under their skin, where the drugs can be intravenously administered. A port pillow protects the patients from being irritated by the port site.

    Silk Eye Mask.

This simple gift may help him or her to sleep through the night at home or in the hospital, where light may interfere with the sleep. Silk masks tend to be more comfortable than other materials when worn for long periods.

     Lounge Wear.

During treatment, many patients do not feel comfortable what they wearing. Some may be in the hospital for extended stays or recovers at home. A comfortable set of lounge-wear may be an ideal gift for these occasions.

    Back Scratcher.

When the cancer patients are unable to raise their arms, this item may come in handy, particularly for patients who live alone. The back scratcher may help them scratch on those parts which are hard-to-reach normally.

    Insulated Water Bottle.

As everyone knows, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy need to stay hydrated always. A quality water bottle that keeps liquids cold or hot for extended periods may be another amazing gift for them.

    Gift Cards.

Gift cards are helpful in any situation. Some of the most frequently requested gift cards are for restaurants, meal delivery, and car services for those patients who cannot drive. You can also buy gift cards to purchase apps, such as guided meditation, or to buy favorite movies for their Smartphone.


A nice pair of headphones would allow the patient to listen to music or watch a movie without being disturbing others. This gift may be conveniently appreciated by those sharing a hospital room.

    A Beautiful Head Covering.

Many chemotherapy patients look for several ways to dress their scalps after losing their hair during treatment. A colourful & stylish head covering may serve to boost their self-confidence and also keeping their head warm.

    Compression Socks.

These relieve the arm or leg of a cancer patient from being swelling while sitting for extended periods, particularly while traveling.

Be with your loved ones while they really need you during their therapy! As this is the time when they have a thought of their closest ones who are going to lift them higher!

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