Patient Testimonial

What Patients Are Saying

Sumita Giri

Sumita Giri - Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri

"I was diagnosed with cancer during a routinely check-up. And thanks to Dr.Saptarshi, after a few sessions with him, my cancer is non-existent. I live a better life now."

Bikram Karmakar

Bikram Karmakar - Siliguri

"Dr.Saptarshi has helped me a lot through my therapy sessions. His approach to my condition helped me cope up with my pain and beat cancer. He should be everyone’s first choice."

Dr.Ranjit Singh

Dr.Ranjit Singh - Siliguri

"Dr.Saptarshi has always been a keen doctor and an active learner. He has achieved much at a quite early stage and still has a long way to go."